PAW™ International, Inc.

Recreation Vehicle TV Bracket

  • TV or Computer Wall Mount for Campers or RV's
  • Universal ANSI hole pattern fits most TV's
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Purchase several wall brackets for living room, bedroom, and exterior of RV
  • TV securely locks into wall bracket
  • To move TV, simply lift and drop into wall mount at different location
  • No more multiple TVs for different rooms
  • Projects only 3/4 from wall for preserving that precious space
  • When outdoors simply move TV to outside bracket
  • Made of high density reinforced nylon polymer
  • UV Resistant polymer Will not rust or corrode

Mounting instructions

For best results, please consider having the installation done by your RV dealership.
Your package should include both a TV bracket and a Wall bracket.

Mounting the TV Bracket:

  • The TV bracket mounts to the back of your TV. The hole pattern will fit most TVs or monitors without modification. The Flat Display Mounting Interface (FDMI) standard, also known as VESA Mounting Interface Standard (MIS) or just VESA mount defines the hole pattern.

  • The TV bracket comes predrilled for the MIS-D 100 standard. The standard defines a 100MM square hole pattern. See the diagram below if you need to see rough sizes in Inches.

  • Almost all TV's and monitors in the recommeded size range will screw directly onto the bracket using 4MM x .7 screws approximately 14MM long. If your TV did not come with mounting screws, they are readily available at any hardware store. We also recommend using a flat washer between the head of the screw and the plastic TV mount.

Mounting the Wall Bracket:

  • Mounting the wall bracket if not done correctly may permanently damage your RV. For this reason we ask you to consider having the installation done by your RV dealership.

  • The wall bracket can be mounted in interior or exterior locations. (or both, which allows you to easily move one TV to different locations). Mounting procedure will differ depending on the mounting surface.

  • Exterior mounting requires sheet metal screws or other fasteners designed especially for the material the mounting surface is made from. It is important to prevent water from leaking in through exterior mounting holes. A silicone sealer or other method should be used around the mounting areas to prevent this.

  • Interior mounting depends upon the mounting surface. If mounting to a wooden surface, wood screws may be appropriate. If mounting to metal or plastic other types of fasteners may be required.

  • For any type of wall mount, the mount itself can be used as a stencil to locate mounting holes. Place the mount in the desired location, and use pencil or marker to mark through the holes. You may then drill at these locations knowing that the hole pattern is correct.

The diagram below shows the TV bracket with VESA standard
hole locations used to mount to the back of your TV.

The diagram below shows the wall bracket and
hole locations used to mount to wall or RV.