PAW™ International, Inc.

Stick to Stay™ Shower Rod holder

Shower Rod failures are a thing of the past with these new Stick to Stay™ Shower Curtain Rod holders!

Stick to Stay™ Securely holds compression shower rods to Ceramic Tile, Fiberglass and even Glass shower walls.

In less than a minute Stick To Stay™ installs Without Tools, Without Screws, Without Drilling or Cutting. Simply Locate, peel, and Stick To Stay™. Then insert the ends of a standard compression rod and tighten.

Works with all standard compression shower rods with up to 1-1/2” end caps.

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Shower Rod failures are a thing of the past with Stick to Stay™

Holds up to 50 pounds when properly installed. See installation instructions.

Made from crystal clear acrylic polymer to blend in with any color and offer an attractive finial to an ordinary end cap. Attaches to your shower walls with 3M™ industrial adhesive tape. Will NOT let you or your shower rod down.

Removal instructions for PAW™ International Stick to Stay™ Shower Rod Holder:

You will not be able to pull the Stick To Stay™ directly off the surface of your shower wall. Use a pipe wrench or channel locks and slowly start to twist the Stick To Stay™ back and forth. The 3M™ adhesive will eventually let go of your shower walls.

Installation instructions for PAW™ International Stick to Stay™ Shower Rod Holder

  1. Be sure you know where you want your shower curtain located. One to two inches off the floor and flush with front of the tub is recommended. Be sure the liner stays inside the tub.

  2. Thoroughly clean the surfaces on both ends where your rod will be located. For best results, 3M suggests you clean these areas with isopropyl alcohol before installation.

  3. When the alcohol is dry, remove the 3M protective paper liner being careful not to touch the 3M tape.

  4. Firmly press the Stick to Stay™ Shower Rod Holder in place. Do the same on the opposite side.

  5. Place the shower rod in the two cups and tighten the rod. The Stick to Stay™ Shower Rod Holders have twice the surface area so a little extra pressure is OK.

  6. You are now ready to sit back and enjoy many years without another shower curtain rod failure.

  7. While the Stick To Stay™ is rated for up to 50 pounds per side, your shower rod is not. Please do not try this at home.