PAW™ International, Inc.

Shower Wall Defender™

The Shower Rod Wall Protector is a crystal clear acrylic fixture that fits between a compression shower rod and the wall above a fiberglass tub/shower. The large area disperses the pressure of the rod to prevent damage to the drywall and wall covering surrounding the shower.

A “smiley” lip projects from the plate to give the rod extra support. A notch on the bottom of the plate locates the rod directly over the front of the shower so a decorative shower curtain hangs flush with the front of the shower. Once installed the Shower Rod Wall Protector become nearly invisible.

Virtually 100% of the showers with compression rods will experience damage to the wall. Damaged drywall, paint, or wallpaper could run into 100's of dollars to repair.

A compression rod instantly damages your wall when installed whether it removes paint or wallpaper. Stress over time will destroy the drywall above your shower. If you try to reduce damage with less tension on the rod, it falls down possibly injuring someone. Lets not forget the wet towels you hang over the rod adding extra stress to the wall.

The Shower Rod Wall Protectors are two acrylic plates with a right and a left hand side. It installs in less than a minute without tools and without creating hole in your walls. Simple, yet most effective.

The Shower Rod Wall Protector is designed for a standard 72" shower curtain and liner. The Shower Rod Wall Protector locates the curtain and liner 2" to 3" from the floor and bottom of the shower floor.