PAW™ International, Inc.

Pull Pal

The All American Pull Pal is the latest addition to the PAW International line of wire pulling products.

Made of electrical resistant glass filled polymer. Available only from PAW International, Inc. Like all of our products, the Pull Pal is proudly made in the USA.

For over a decade the Pull Buddy has helped make pulling wire a one man job. The Pull Pal now makes pulling wire even faster.

The "T" style handle comfortably fits in either hand.

Hinged in the front, the natural pull tightens the vice grip like fingers on the wire's insulation. The harder one pulls, the tighter the grip on the wire.

The "U" shaped opening slips over the wire and you are ready to pull. Holes in both handles attach to a lanyard making the Pull Pal easily adapted for right or left handed electricians.